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Flores en Madera

Loratu is a psychology center located on Calle Henao, just 5 minutes from the Moyua metro station and the Parking del Ensanche.

The center is formed from experience and training in psychological therapy and from the desire to build, twith you, a new narrative that can help you in the difficulties and situations that arise in your personal project.


Thus, me as an expert in psychotherapy and you as an expert in your personal history, we will be able to work on different aspects that can help you in your personal development and contribute to your well-being.

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Tuition and events

Plantas suculentas y clips de carpeta

The objective of Loratu courses and workshops is that you can expand your skills, knowledge and/or abilities, offering you different  courses that may be of interest to you.


We generally work in small groups of about 5 or 8 people, sometimes in collaboration with other centers.


We care that it is practical and that you can acquire tools that help you on a daily basis, that's why we listen to you and take into account your preferences in terms of themes and schedules

Publications and news

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